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I remember the day I got the call. A friend called me and asked if I would mind coming over to help him move a piano that he had been given to him from a friend of his. Like a lot of younger people, I was used to helping people move and agreed to the task, figuring it would take us an hour at best to move the piano into his house, especially since he had 3 others coming as well. When I arrived I was greeted with this fantastically large upright grand piano that was perched on his front porch. It was intimidating. I had seen upright pianos before but never an upright grand. It stood five feet eight inches tall and weighed a ton, literally. I tried to lift it just to get a feel for the weight and it did not budge when I gave it my best effort. I looked down at the underside of the piano and instantly felt relieved. The piano had wheels that were going to make this move a lot easier to complete without having a strained back. When I gleefully remarked that it should roll right into the house my friend turned and told me that he had just had his hardwood floors refinished and no way was he going to drag this heavy piano with it's small metal wheels across them. When everyone arrived and we tried for 20 minutes to get the piano to budge from the front porch our minds quickly shifted to how we could raise enough money to hire a moving team to do this heavy work for us. It was then that someone suggested we buy a piano dolly! We went to a piano store, selected an upright piano dolly and were able to easily get the piano onto the dolly and rolled it right into the living room, where it still stands today, almost 20 years later. The piano has proven too heavy to ever move again. If he does ever need to move it, a piano dolly will be the only way to get it to budge. Because of the piano dolly none of us had to strain hard at all to move the giant piano into my friend's house. I strongly recommend using one the next time a piano move comes into your future.