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The fourth definition of the word "Dolly" when looked up in the dictionary is "any of several kinds of low, flat, wheeled frames for transporting heavy objects, as in a factory". The first definition is that of a child's toy. I like to combine the two dictionary definitions when describing a piano dolly by saying that a piano dolly is tool that can make moving a piano as easy and fun as playing with a child's toy. Nice oversimplification, I know, but you get the point. Piano Dollies used to come with grand pianos in order to allow the instruments to be moved safely and easily from one area of the house or music room to another. Many older grand pianos found in homes around the world are on the dollies that came with their instrument and most people have thought that the wheels were actually part of the piano, not understanding that they could be removed, replaced and stored until the need to actually move a piano comes about. If you have ever tried to move a piano without the aid of a piano dolly you will certainly understand the need to have a tool to help you out. Pianos are huge, heavy and do not have convenient places to hold onto when transporting them. Pianos are also expensive and to risk damaging a leg of a grand piano or having an upright fall down on its side is too great to even consider. The final consideration, and any piano mover will tell you the most important, is that of safety. With pianos weighing sometimes as much as 1300 lbs, the people who move them need to be careful to not get injured. It simply is not practical for a human to pick up most models of pianos by hand. It is also not practical to try to drag a piano across a floor. The damage to the floor could be tremendous if you were to try. All of the reasons stated are why we have piano dollies. A traditional style grand piano mover is a 3 legged spidery piece of equipment that folds up to be very compact for storage, easily fitting onto the side of a home closet or shelf. The tri-legged grand piano dolly expands by allowing the legs to unfold, straightening them out from the unit and then by extending the legs until they are directly under the legs of the grand piano. The arms are then tightened into place with a simple wrench used to tighten between 2 and 4 bolts. When purchasing a grand piano dolly it is best to know the measurements of the distances between the legs of the piano. The piano dollies come in different sizes in order to allow maximum strength to be maintained for smaller dolly sizes and for compact storage purposes. Many units will expand several inches, even feet, away from the base, but having a piano dolly that is too short will not serve the intended purpose and may leave you having to carry one leg by yourself. One of my favorite products for grand pianos is the grand piano dolly wheel set. This affordable set of wheel is a strong caster wheel set that holds the leg of the grand piano safely in the caster cup allowing the piano to have wheels that are durable and provide a smooth ride. This solution is great for people who do not need to move their piano far and who do not have any terrain types of issues. The negative for this product is that it can cause strain on the piano legs and the piano sits 1-2 inches higher when in the wheel set. A new grand piano mover has recently been introduced into the market that is much easier to setup and weighs less than traditional units, without sacrificing the strength needed to safely transport your piano. The new style of grand piano dolly also has fewer adjustments to make in order to use it. The spider-like design of traditional units has been replaced by a straight line conventional V-design making the unit simple to setup, take down and store. Lightweight piano dollies are available for digital pianos and keyboard sets that are less expensive, made of lighter material and are extremely easy to setup. I was able to setup a digital piano dolly in less than 5 minutes after removing it from the box - it had a very nice design. Upright piano dollies come in two styles - short caster-wheel based dollies that fit under each side of the upright piano from front to rear wheel or complete upright piano dolly units that sit the entire piano atop the dolly. The advantage of the wheel-only design is that they are less expensive and easier to install. The wheel units provide a solid temporary solution to moving an upright piano. The advantage of the complete dolly that has the piano sitting completely atop it is that it provides a more permanent wheel base. Most schools and churches use these types of dollies to hold their upright pianos, organs and console pianos to make them available for quick movement when a different configuration is required. In short, there is something for every type of piano to help relieve the burden of moving a large, heavy instrument either across the room or across the world.