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Grand Leg Dollies - The affordable solution to allow you to quickly and easily move your Grand Piano. One set of (3) fits any Grand Piano!
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Grand Piano Dolly Wheel Set Triple Grand Piano Dolly Shop and Showroom Grand Piano Leg Dollies
These Grand Piano Dolly Wheels are designed to help to move a piano a short distance with care.  These units do not take the place of a more robust piano dolly but can help to make moving the piano much easier.  The set contains 3 dolly wheels.  Please specify whether you have square or round legs on the grand piano when ordering and we will match the dolly wheel to your piano leg.  The dolly wheel set comes in an attractive black color and each dolly is made with American made casters. The set will raise the piano no more than traditional casters. These Triple Grand Piano Dollies come with 3 in the set.  They are always a perfect fit regardless of the size of your piano. Once they are on the moving is easy!. Minimal Storage needed. Each dolly measures 7.25" W x 7.25" D x 4.75" H.  Click on the picture to see a close-up view of a single dolly. These grand piano leg dollies are designed for moving pianos easily without having to remove the casters. Designed for short moves, the Shop and Showroom Grand Piano Leg Dollies make pianos much more mobile than regular casters and are easier on floors.