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Piano Moving Accessories - Everything you need to safely and successfully move your piano!
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Piano Moving Web Straps Replacement Caster with Brake Shop and Showroom Grand Piano Leg Dollies
Piano Moving Web Straps
Our Price: $75.00
These 2" wide piano moving web straps feature extra strength (perfect for pianos) and positive locking buckles. These replacement casters fit a variety of piano dollies because the base has slots rather than holes for the bolts used to attach them to the dolly. Use these for replacing worn out casters on Colson piano dollies, among others. These grand piano leg dollies are designed for moving pianos easily without having to remove the casters. Designed for short moves, the Shop and Showroom Grand Piano Leg Dollies make pianos much more mobile than regular casters and are easier on floors.
Grand Piano Skid Board Dual Piano Trucks
Dual Piano Trucks
Our Price: $716.68
Our skid boards are thickly padded with 19 oz. duck. They feature two handles on each side. Be sure to order a pair web straps if you don't have your own.  With the right equipment, the job of moving a piano can seem like a breeze. This set of Dual Piano Dollies makes one-person deliveries a breeze!  Instantaneous control at your fingertips.  A Spring-loaded plunger allows swivel wheels to be locked for one person operation or swivel in unlocked position for two person operation. When ordering specify base size of either: 23" X 5" Angle base (for pianos and organs) or 28" X 4" Angle base (Hammond B3).